his belt filled
with the dreams of Horus
watches me while I sleep
bed tangled
in reluctant umbilical
the tether wavers
in the wind
swinging in such repose
beneath the pointed dark

hymen (for jacques)

female fold
to philebus
to pharmakon
two eyes glowing
found a middle
a center
a maze
to confound a centaur
apprise to night
and circle medallion
put before
a fortunate wing
how amazing…

She leads the way
into the concave belly
of the canyon

I follow like a dog

her strong and supple legs
define the hectic rhythm
of my heart


the teutonic goddess
palpates flesh in concentric circles
above my head

creating a vortex
that sucks all of humanity
into a black hole

is it information’s salvation
I am after
or before I realize
a slow destruction
never quite reaching its denoument
slower yet
frozen in time

at the corner
of Jackson and Bethlehem
wishful thinking
kills a mission of mercy
gibbous moon
loping on
the shadowy
like a mottled cantaloupe
get lost
in the play of time
no fixed past
no central future
walk with it
become one
the sea is calling
there are no diamonds
the surface lies
the sun colludes
don’t listen

If words were distracted
lonely mall shoppers
wandering hanger-like,
climate-controlled deserts

in search of, or merely
randomly connecting
with polished tile conduits
toward oases of purchase

would chaos’s nature
being what it seems
have any calculus
to possibly define,

in an elegant equation
worthy of tears,
a meaning to the buy
or at least the space

ah, only…

stick pretending to be a snake

implied undulation
does the wood
know what it has wrought?
does the hand
know what it wrote?
if movement is meant
mean to move

writhing effortless within
an eruption of placid forgetfulness –
a twitch is recorded
relegating minor particles of time
to a fissure in the continuum –
I wait for the outcome
shaving uncooperative quarks
off the veneer
of future memories
contemplating a static universe
from within a bubble
caught in the inflationary epoch


we met on the cusp of the world
at the crepuscule of it
there were many strange rhythms
that required decoding
many harmonies
in need of resolution
calculi equating
in gorgeous conundra
offering no clear solution
and yet
intuition clamoring in the din

autology 1

needed gifted out free
light by sutton
highs studio
in undeserving
vs might
out through
breach bathhouse
liu looking